Bradley staff is always on the lookout for new ways to teach our preschoolers. We learned about Zoo-phonics at the Indiana Early Childhood Conference last spring and began using some of their materials in our younger classes. When a large group of students chose to play a Zoo-phonics game on their own without an adult, we knew we had a winner. The children were throwing a large game dice with letters substituted for numbers and saying the sound that letter made and making the Zoo-phonics signal. These four-year olds were also excitedly reading consonant, vowel, consonant words.

This summer, our preschool purchased materials to use Zoo-phonics for all classes and four teachers attended a Zoo-phonics workshop. We are eagerly looking forward to using them with your children. Don’t be concerned that we will be sacrificing other important aspects of preschool to add this program. We still plan to have plenty of time to learn to play together and use our imaginations; make crafts that help develop fine motor skills and learn early math skills in fun ways.