Our goal at Bradley is to teach children in a manner that allows them to develop confidence in their abilities. All classes at Bradley have an opening time that includes talking about the calendar, the weather, learning about the activities planned for the day, and ending with the pledge.

Each day will also include a story time, large muscle time in our outdoor playground or large muscle area which includes several tricycles to share, and a snack time. Books may be borrowed from our school library lending cart. Children attend a very short (5 minutes) chapel once a week.

Each class will also include time when the majority of children participate in the free play that is so important for developing language, creativity, independence, and social skills while teachers work with children on developmentally appropriate skills. Toys are rotated so that there are new ones to enjoy and stimulate the imagination each month.

In response to teacher and parent request Bradley Preschool is extending their school times. Research shows that when children have extended time to play with peers learning increases. A slightly longer school day means our classes will be able to get to our outside play area more often and one on one with students will be less rushed.