Meet the Staff

When asking parents why they chose Bradley for their child, they respond, “The teachers!” At Bradley Preschool, our classes are team-taught by experienced, caring educators. Read more about the teachers parents trust and students love.

Mrs. (Kathy) Vahle : Director

Mrs. (Kathy) Vahle


Mrs. Vahle has been in education for over 30 years. She served as Bradley Preschool’s Director since 2016. Mrs. Vahle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree with a specialty in Early Childhood Education. Her experiences include assistant teaching Preservice Teachers at Ball State University, preschool classroom teaching at Bradley Preschool, serving on the Bradley Preschool Board as a parent and teaching upper elementary in Missouri.

Mrs. Vahle is married to John. They have two grown daughters and two granddaughters. Mrs. Vahle attends Bradley United Methodist Church, where she serves on the Family Life, the Community Leaders Teams and attends a small group.

Mrs. Vahle is a member of the National Association of Early Childhood Education and has special interest in emergent reading and parent’s involvement in their children’s education. The best part about Mrs. Vahle’s job is going to a work where people skip when they enter the building in the morning.
Mrs. (Jody) Moon :

Mrs. (Jody) Moon

Mrs. Moon has taught teaching at Bradley Preschool as a classroom teacher for over 21 years. This year she is teaching the Prekindergarten Extended Day Class and a Tuesday/Thursday Preschool class with Mrs. Shultz.

She is married to Ray and has two grown daughters and three grandblessings. Mrs. Moon attends Brandywine Church, where she is a member in their small group ministry. She also has additional training in workshops from several IAEYC Conferences, a Handwriting Without Tears training and a Zoo-phonics Preschool Workshop. We depend greatly on her expertise, as she mentors other teachers.

Mrs. (Brittnie) Shultz :

Mrs. (Brittnie) Shultz

Mrs. Shultz has taught three years at Bradley Preschool. She teaches Prekindergarten Extended Day and Tuesday/Thursday Preschool class with Mrs. Moon.

Mrs. Shultz is a licensed cosmetologist by training and a natural teacher with children. She and her husband, Sam, have a daughter and a son. Mrs. Shultz attended the IAEYC conference in the springs of 2016 and 2017. She enjoys seeing how children grow over the space of a school year.

Mrs. Shultz is especially good at finding students individual personalities and making them smile.

Mrs. Chrys (Plebanski) :

Mrs. Chrys (Plebanski)

Mrs. Chrys is in her second year of lead teaching at Bradley Preschool. She is teaching the Prekindergarten A.M. with Mrs. Jessi and the Tuesday/Thursday Preschool with Mrs. Nix.

Mrs. Chrys is a Certified Nursing Assistant and a trained EMT. She is married to Justin; they have a son and a daughter. She and her family attend St. Michael's Catholic Church where she is a member of the Parent and Student Organization.

Mrs. Chrys enjoys acting as Troop leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. She attended the IAEYC Conference in the spring of 2017. She really cares about her students and they feel it.

Mrs. (Michelle) Nix :

Mrs. (Michelle) Nix

Mrs. Nix is also in her second year of teaching at Bradley Preschool. She is teaching the Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday Preschool Class with Mrs. Deckard, and a Tuesday/Thursday Preschool with Mrs. Chryst.

Mrs. Nix is a pharmacy technician by trade and loves working with children. She is married to Tom. They have six children and nine grandchildren. She and her husband attend Bradley United Methodist Church where she serves on the Hospitality Committee.

Mrs. Nix enjoys crafts, animals and the outdoors. She attended the IAEYC Conference in the spring of 2017. Mrs. Nix has worked hard to update and bring new color into the MWF Preschool classroom.

Mrs. Jessi (Schuerich) :

Mrs. Jessi (Schuerich)

Mrs. Jessi has joined Mrs. Chrys in our Prekindergarten A.M. classroom. Although, this was her first-year teaching at Bradley Preschool, Mrs. Jessi studied education at Purdue University, and it shows that she has a natural love for children and knack for teaching.

She is married to Matt. They have a son and a daughter, who both attended Bradley Preschool. Mrs. Jessi attends Brandywine Community Church. She enjoys spending time with her family on their farm.

Mrs. Jessi has an infectious smile and laugh that brings happiness to everyone in the classroom.

Mrs. (Janice) Deckard :

Mrs. (Janice) Deckard

Mrs. Deckard began teaching preschool at Bradley this school year. She joined Mrs. Nix in our Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday Preschool Class. Mrs. Deckard is a Project Estimator with accounting expertise.

She is married to Jim; they have 2 daughters, the youngest of which attended Bradley Preschool. Mrs. Deckard attends Realife Church, where she is a Life Group leader. She enjoys spending time at the lake with her family. She attended the Faces of PreK Indiana Institute Conference in 2017.

Mrs. Deckard enjoys introducing her preschool students to exciting new materials for exploration.

Bradley Preschool Board
The Preschool Board establishes the policies, oversees the activities and is responsible for the operation of the preschool. They meet regularly for monthly meetings, attend preschool events and assist Mrs. Vahle as needed.

Paul Hudson – Paul is the parent of two children, one Bradley graduate, and one currently in our preschool.

Maddie Reed – Maddie is the parent of four children, one Bradley graduate, one child in our preschool and two future students.

Audrey Page – Audrey is a member of Bradley United Methodist Church and a parent of a Bradley Preschool graduate.

Erin Day – Erin is a member of Bradley United Methodist Church and a Preschool teacher for Warren Township.

Kim Kile – Kim is a member of Bradley United Methodist Church and a High School Counselor at Greenfield Central High School. Kim is also a parent of Bradley Preschool Graduates.

Kaelyn Roberts – Kaelyn is a parent of two children, one currently in our preschool and one future student. Kaelyn has an elementary teaching license and experience.